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Dreamcore announces redesigned Ghost PC and ElementOne monitors

By Hoots the Owl - on 8 Feb 2023, 5:12pm

Dreamcore announces redesigned Ghost PC and ElementOne monitors

Image Source: Dreamcore

Dreamcore has revealed a new look for its best-selling Ghost custom PC. The Ghost 2023 builds on the foundation of its predecessor, offering esports-ready performance in a sleek package.

The new chassis features a micromesh front panel for improved airflow, while still keeping dust out. With a compact micro-ATX form factor, it will fit onto virtually any desk without sacrificing performance.

To simplify the installation process, it utilises a tool-less design, complete with a tempered glass side panel to show off the hardware inside.

The Ghost also comes with Andromeda fans pre-installed. These fans are equipped with a slide-and-lock mechanism for a clutter-free build. The cable-free design eliminates the hassle of tangled wires, and ARGB (addressable RGB) lighting illuminates your setup with soft lighting.

At the same time, Dreamcore is bringing ElementOne monitors and monitor arms to Singapore. There are a total of three monitors and three arms. The most affordable is the ElementOne Hydrogen 24HFI, a 24-inch FHD IPS screen targeted at everyday users.

The Mercury series is a step above that, comprising two curved screens with the 27HGCV 240Hz FHD and 34HGCV UWQHD 144Hz displays. The 34HGCV also has a built-in KVM and 122% coverage of sRGB colour space.

Image Source: Dreamcore

Finally, the VESA-compatible Gold and Zinc monitor arms are equipped with built-in cable management features and support easy ergonomic adjustments. The Zinc Single supports monitors up to 9kg and 35 inches, while taking up just 103mm of space at the top of your desk.

Meanwhile, the Gold Dual can hold up to two 8kg screens, measuring up to 32 inches, ideal for multitaskers requiring multiple screens.

Power users will look to the Zinc Dual, which can hold heavier 9kg monitors and bigger 35-inch screens. Its clamp mode is compatible with desks with a thickness between 20 to 60mm.

The Ghost 2023 and ElementOne monitors and arms are now available on Dreamcore's website.

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