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Don’t be surprised when you see this hybrid ambulance/fire engine on the streets

By Alvin Soon - on 18 Aug 2017, 1:45pm

Don’t be surprised when you see this hybrid ambulance/fire engine thundering down the streets

Don’t be surprised when you see a hybrid emergency vehicle that’s both an ambulance and a fire engine thundering down the streets.

Made by Hope Technik, a Singapore company that also makes the Singapore Civil Defense Force’s Red Rhino fire trucks, the new Fire Medical Vehicle (FMV) merges the firefighting capabilities of a lightweight fire engine with the medical support functions of an ambulance.

This allows firefighters, who are cross-trained in emergency medical services to provide early care to accident victims. The FMV measures 2.9 high by 2.3m wide and 7.3 long, making it one of the most compact light fire engine and ambulance hybrid emergency vehicles in Asia.

Compactness is crucial in highly built up urban environments like Singapore; where emergency vehicles have to respond in narrow streets and high-rise car parks.

The FMV’s concept and schematic design were first explored by the SCDF, and the vehicle’s development, engineering, and manufacture were taken on by Hope Technik. The FMV is built on a Euro 5 Isuzu N-series truck chassis with a customized rear airbag suspension. Besides the Red Rhinos and FMV, Hope Technik has also engineered the Mass Decontamination Vehicle emergency response vehicle.

Note: This article was first published on 13th May 2017.

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