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Disney+ will start cracking down on password sharing in June

By Kenny Yeo - on 5 Apr 2024, 8:45am

Disney+ will start cracking down on password sharing in June

Last year, Disney CEO Bob Iger warned that Disney+ will start cracking down on users who share their passwords. That time has now come.

In a recent interview with CNBC, Iger said that Disney+ plans to start cracking down on password sharing this June Iger did not share specifics on how Disney+ plans to tackle this problem, but he did say that this crackdown will start in a few countries at first before expanding worldwide to all subscribers in September.

Iger said:

In June, we'll be launching our first real foray into password sharing. Just a few countries and a few markets, but then it will grow significantly with a full rollout in September.

Netflix was the first video streaming company to implement measures to stop users from sharing passwords. In Singapore, it lets users on its Standard and Premium tiers (introduced just six months back) share their accounts with someone who doesn't live with them for an additional S$6.98 per month.

The move, though widely panned by users at first, turned out to be the right one. Netflix reportedly added around 9 million new subscribers globally after it started cracking down on password sharing in the US at the end of May last year. Its cheaper ad-support plan also saw a 70% jump in subscribers. This has given Netflix the confidence to raise prices again earlier this year.

Disney will no doubt be hoping that its move to stop password sharing will end up being just as successful.

Source: CNBC

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