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Diablo IV gets the long-awaited ray-tracing update for PC

By Aaron Yip - on 31 Mar 2024, 4:57pm

Diablo IV gets the long-awaited ray-tracing update for PC

If you’ve been playing Diablo IV on a PC equipped with an NVIDIA RTX graphics card, you would have realised that ray-tracing is finally available in the graphics setting.

The game already supports DLSS 3, but now Activision Blizzard has added ray-tracing effects. So in-game effects such as “lightning strikes are now reflected in pools of blood and water, dank cellars and dungeons are more foreboding with realistic soft shadows, and the the open world and towns are more grounded with additional realistic shadows and reflections,” according to the game developers.

Turning ray-tracing on will no doubt lower framerates when playing the game, But NVIDIA says that with DLSS 3 and Frame Generation turned on, players with an RTX 40-series GPU can multiply performance by up to 3x.

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