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Diablo Immortal's Asia Pacific release has been delayed to 7 July

By Kenneth Ang - on 20 Jun 2022, 4:09pm

Diablo Immortal's Asia Pacific release has been delayed to 7 July

Image: Activision Blizzard

Earlier today, Activision Blizzard announced that the release of Diablo Immortal for Asia Pacific regions has been pushed back by two weeks to 7 July PDT. Originally scheduled to go live this Thursday, 23 June for the affected territories, the developers posted an update explaining that there were several technical issues they'd like to patch up before the game rolls out elsewhere, which is why they've decided to delay the release.

Apart from addressing the usual slate of glitches and bug fixes, which have contributed in part to the game's infamous 0.2/10 score on Metacritic, the developers will also be improving Immortal's downloads and overall gameplay experience. Primarily, their to-do list includes optimising the game and network performance on Android devices and PCs, while also reshuffling the asset downloading sequences so that UIs populate faster. 

Naturally, they'll be compensating players in affected territories for the delay. Once you've set up your character and started your adventure, all you'll have to do is check your inbox for a special package, which will contain a piece of Legendary gear, 100 Scrap Materials, and 10 Enchanted Dust

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