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DHL Express teams up with Mighty Jaxx for the Joy Across The Distance capsule collection

By Kenneth Ang - on 8 Dec 2021, 3:29pm

DHL Express teams up with Mighty Jaxx for the Joy Across The Distance capsule collection

Image: DHL Express, Mighty Jaxx

In what is arguably one of the quirkier collaborations we've come across this year, international courier DHL Express has linked up with collectibles maker Mighty Jaxx to release a new capsule collection just in time for the holidays. Granted, this new set of thingamajigs aren't technically Christmas-themed, but they still look cheerful as heck, and there's always room for more of that around. 

Titled the Joy Across The Distance collection, it is meant to celebrate both brands' dedication to quality and excellence, while also embodying that "happiness" experienced by a package as it leaves the sender's hands and travels to its intended recipient. In other words, just like the sheer pleasure of seeing your item finally arrive on your doorstep, so too does DHL Express and Mighty Jaxx hope to...well, encapsulate that sense of "joy across the distance". 

The limited-edition collection currently features seven different items, including a figurine, a cap, a collapsible crate, doorknob hangers, a box lamp, and even a t-shirt. The figurine, which is aptly named Joy the Delivery Kid, is described by DHL Express and Mighty Jaxx as "an emotive figure that is an iconic representation of the trusted service delivered by DHL". 

As for how you can actually buy these collectibles, they can all be found on this page. Don't worry if they appear to be greyed out, too - just go ahead and click them to check out each product (and their respective prices) in greater detail.

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