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Devialet announces ear-shattering 4,500W home theater system

By Liu Hongzuo - on 19 Sep 2016, 2:58pm

Devialet announces ear-shattering 4,500W home theater system

Raw power and volume combined birthed the Devialet Phantom Immersive Theater System, a multi-channel audio entertainment entity that uses 4,500W per speaker. Devialet unveiled their insane new toy at CEDIA Expo 2016 last week.

Based on their Gold Phantom, the Immersive Theater System demonstrated at CEDIA is a 5.5 array that has a power output equivalent to eight regular Phantoms. At such power, the maximum volume of the 5.5 system has a maximum volume of 108dB, which is roughly the volume heard at a live rock concert or when a jumbo jet takes off.

The Phantom Immersive Theater System (also called the Phantom 5.5) is capable of reproducing bass frequencies at 14Hz, and it comes with tweeters that go up to 27,000Hz. Both bass and tweeters are driven by a new Analog Digital Hybrid Amplification core. The system has a total harmonic distortion level of 0.00001 percent.

To deliver richer sound, the Phantom Immersive Theater System uses an exclusive low-frequency effects channel by Dolby. It is specially designed for low-pitched sounds, and it makes the audio sound cleaner and more powerful as a whole. This new sound system supports all types of lossless audio formats. It’s finished off in a 22kt Rose Gold highlight exterior.

As this audio monstrosity was only just announced, there’s no price and availability yet.

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