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Developers Create Free App to Track PSI in Singapore

By Sidney Wong - on 21 Jun 2013, 1:24pm

Developers Create Free App to Track PSI in Singapore

Tired of refreshing the web browser or Twitter for the latest updates on the Singapore's Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) from the National Environment Agency (NEA)'s website? Well, there is an easier and quicker way to stay up-to-date via a free Android app.

SG PSI - Singapore's Haze, is a free Android app developed by a team consisting of Singaporeans, Vietnamese and Indonesians. The app draws information from NEA's website and changes the background color to reflect the danger level of the haze.

There are three color codes - green, yellow and red. If the background color is yellow or red, users are advised to stay indoors. The developers deliberately placed a big font for the PSI reading for easy viewing. You can download the app here.

The PSI readings on the NEA website are calculated by averaging the data collected for the immediate past three hours. Therefore, it does not reflect what you currently see. Our colleagues at Men's Health have done a write-up on why you should also keep an eye on the "PM2.5" indicator. You can also check out a detailed explanation on the "PM2.5" indicator by our forum member tsuyuri.

 A screenshot of the SG PSI app.

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