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Details on new 3D rear camera of the next iPhone revealed

By Cookie Monster - on 13 Mar 2020, 5:00am

Details on new 3D rear camera of the next iPhone revealed

Apple is expected to introduce a 3D depth camera on the rear of the next iPhone.

A source with knowledge confirms to Fast Company that the 3D depth camera system consists of a laser, sensor and software system which emits light to measure the distance between the phone and various objects.

The source claims Apple has been working on the 3D depth camera for at least two years. Although it is on a short list of possible features to be added to the next iPhone, Fast Company understands that it is currently in the design of the new iPhone. Lumentum, which currently supplies the laser for the front-facing 3D camera system, will also manufacture the vertical-cavity-surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) for the rear 3D camera system. 

The 3D depth camera will provide additional depth information which can deliver better photo and video effects alongside enhanced augmented reality (AR) experiences. For example, the next iPhone can take portrait shots with a better-looking bokeh effect. Users can adjust which layers of a photo to be blurry and which layers to be focused in editing mode. The 3D depth camera can also help users create digital content that show them interacting with holographic images of animals or celebrities in their own spaces.

The 3D depth camera is likely to be the same 3D sensor system that is coming to the 2020 iPad Pro lineup.  Bloomberg reported in November 2019 that the 3D sensor system will be the centerpiece of Apple's AR push. The introduction of the new camera system will complement Apple's rumoured AR app in iOS 14, which is said to help users get more information about the world around them.

Source: Fast Company

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