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Demand for cryptomining sees AMD's graphics card market share rise

By Kenny Yeo - on 7 Mar 2018, 9:13am

Demand for cryptomining sees AMD's graphics card market share rise

(Image source: AMD)

The cryptocurrency craze has had some interesting effects on the graphics card market.

Mining cryptocurrency requires powerful and efficient graphics cards, which has led to a high demand for graphics cards, thereby driving prices up.

Obviously, this isn't good for gamers but graphics card makers are also wary about overextending themselves, considering the volatility of cryptocurrencies, and producing more than they can sell.

In any case, AMD's performance advantage in mining certain cryptocurrency has had a positive effect so far for the company.

(Image source: Anandtech)

Jon Peddie Research estimates that AMD's graphics card market share for Q4 2017 is at 33.7%.

This is up 6.5% from the quarter before and it is the highest it has ever been for AMD since Q2 2014

The report also says that demand for high-end and mid-range graphics card continues to grow, whereas the market for mainstream entry-level cards is more or less the same.

Despite the strong demand for graphics card due to cryptomining, both AMD and NVIDIA have reiterated that their commitment is to gamers and will continue to monitor demand closely.

That said, they can't restrict sales of cards to miners so don't expect prices of graphics cards to fall any time soon.

Source:     Anandtech

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