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Dell's 30-inch OLED 4K monitor is capable of a billion colors (Updated)

By Vijay Anand - on 17 Feb 2016, 3:57pm

Dell's 30-inch OLED 4K monitor is capable of a billion colors

The monitor to die for. 

Updated on 17 February 2016: Dell has told us that the monitor will cost a whopping S$6,999 when it arrives in Singapore in May.

Originally published on 7 January 2016:

OLED TVs display such sumptuous colors and ultra-deep blacks, but they are oh-so expensive. Even so, it was in Dell’s interest to equip creative professionals and creators with the best display possible and that they did at CES 2016. 

Coming in late March, the Dell UltraSharp UP3017QA 30-inch OLED monitor is probably the ultimate display you can hope to get for your PC. And it will cost you a pretty penny at US$4,999.

As a high-end monitor, it will of course have a native 4K resolution (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) and thanks to its OLED screen, you can expect insane contrast ratios of 400,000:1 that will deliver “true blacks” and an ultra-fast 0.1ms screen response time. It will support 100% AdobeRGB color space and is capable of displaying 1.07 billion colors on it 10-bit color panel. Here's a few more shots we took from the event:-

Here's another view of the new monitor and in this light, you can make out its design and thin bezels used.

However, OLED technology has a few drawbacks since it is still early days for it. Like plasma screen technology, OLED screens also suffer from screen burn-in problems if the screen input does not get refreshed. TVs usually have some video content running, but monitors are far more likely to just display the same screen for hours at a time. To alleviate this issue, Dell has incorporated ultra-fast refresh and other pixel rotation algorithms to prevent screen burn-in issues.

Other attributes of the monitor include a premium product design through its narrow bezels and connectivity options include DisplayPort and a USB Type-C port.

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