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DBS and POSB's #HuntYourZodiac challenge is back with over S$150,000 in prizes

By Kenneth Ang & Aaron Yip - on 12 Feb 2021, 12:30pm

POSB's islandwide #HuntYourZodiac challenge features over S$150,000 in prizes

Note: This article was first published on 4th Feb 2021.

Image: DBS/POSB, Sqkii

We're about a week away from Chinese New Year, and something tells us the "2021 edition" is going to be quite the unique affair.

You see, owing to the ongoing Phase 3 measures in place to curb COVID-19, rather than throwing big reunion dinners and house parties to welcome guests and relatives as tradition dictates, people are now stuck handing out RSVPs to only eight people at any one time. Still, don't blame the regulation - blame the virus. 

Either way, if you end up as one of those (unlucky?) folks who got a whole bunch of angbaos this year but with only $2 in each of them, you might be able to "supplement" it with POSB's #HuntYourZodiac challenge. Frankly, the politically correct and noble response here would be "it's not the amount, but the thought that counts", but we all know the truth - receiving one light purple note would definitely make us saltier than the tau sar piah we usually prepare as snacks for the guests.

If you didn't manage to try out last year's localised event by the Singapore River, the #HuntYourZodiac challenge is basically a collaborative effort between DBS/POSB and local game developer Sqkii, who you might recall previously carried out several treasure hunts across Singapore with substantial amounts of prize money involved.

Image: DBS/POSB, Sqkii

However, this time things are going to be a little different, by which we mean it'll be islandwide, and it will take place over a span of five days from 10-14 Feb. All players have to do here is travel around with their smartphones to find and capture Zodiac animals by solving puzzles at some of the 34,000 Gates of Fortune across Singapore. Successfully capturing these animals will not only entitle them for a chance at digital angbaos totalling S$150,000, but they'll also receive specialised horoscope predictions based on their zodiac signs. 

Of course, like Pokemon Go, users aren't 100% guaranteed to capture all the animals, but there are ways of boosting your capture chances. Specifically, you'll have to acquire Oranges by utilising your DBS PayLah! app at participating merchants. These Oranges function as in-game bonuses and will help increase the probability of snagging one of the 60 different animals. 

This huge effort is part of DBS/POSB's undertaking to offer more than just banking services to its users. With technology getting more diverse and versatile, the company is also seeking to offer "more immersive and engaging experiences on its platforms.".

Alternatively, if you don't celebrate Chinese New Year and are just in it for the public holidays (which is always welcome), it's also a great way to fish out some capital for Valentine's Day. Heck, perhaps you could even go zodiac animal hunting on the day itself, considering the event ends on 14 Feb.

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