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DBS gives out QR Gift cards to customers, shares new note collection ATM details

By Liu Hongzuo - on 16 Jan 2022, 10:41am

DBS gives out QR Gift cards to customers, shares new note collection ATM details

Note: This article was first published on 28 December 2021.

DBS QR Gift (CNY 2022 designs).

DBS is now ready to roll out its Lunar New Year / CNY 2022 QR Gift cards and its new note collection points in January 2022. Below are all the details you need to get started - where to collect, how to book online, how to huat, and the works.


DBS QR Gift cards and eGift digital angpows

As with previous years, DBS has two types of red packets available for customers to use: the digital eGift function, and the semi-digital DBS QR Gift cards.

DBS QR Gift (Generic design).

The DBS eGift digital feature is available as an icon inside your PayLah! app. Users need only to enter their preferred ‘angpow’ amount, key in a simple message, and animation of choice for each eGift. This option works better for users who cannot meet in person, but would still like to exchange red packets.

The DBS QR Gift card is a semi-digital alternative. It resembles a physical red packet with a single-use QR code attached to it. The recipient needs only to scan the QR code to get the encashment within. DBS has a handy guide on how these 'phygital' red packets work.

DBS users who would like to obtain these QR Gift cards can do so by placing an order here. These cards are free-of-charge to DBS customers. Users who order them by 16 January 2022 should receive their cards by 26 January 2022 by mail.

Alternatively, the QR Gift cards are also available at DBS/POSB full-service branches from 3 January, at new-notes ATMs from 11 January, and at Sheng Shiong outlets from 17 January 2022.

Compilation of DBS QR Gift and DBS/POSB red packet designs.

According to DBS, the QR Gift cards are made from environmentally-friendly FSC-certified paper, while the QR code minimises the use of banknotes. Both measures help to reduce the carbon footprint generated by conventional paper-based red packets.

A total of 37 corporate companies opted to use DBS’s QR Gift cards for their employees during the previous year’s festivities (CNY 2021), which is seven times higher than 2020’s. (Editorial note: Dr.Vijay laoban, please take note.)

Last year, DBS also saw a total of S$6.3 million in cold, hard cash loaded onto DBS QR Gift cards - up from S$2.5 million in 2020. 


New notes collection at bank branches and ATMs

DBS red packet design for 2022.

In light of prevailing Covid-19 social distancing measures set out by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, DBS is restricting bank branches walk-ins for new notes collection to customers aged 60 and above and customers with disabilities.

All other customers will need to book a slot via DBS’s online reservation system to collect new notes at bank branches, and will be given a time and date to do so during specified collection hours at their preferred locations.

As with before, customers can either withdraw or exchange for new notes. Each customer is limited to one reservation slot, so make it count.

There are two booking and collection periods for new notes, starting as early as 4 January 2022. Below are the booking and collection windows for each respective period.

Booking and Collection windows for new notes at DBS
  Booking period Collection period
Window #1 4 January to 9 January 11 January to 19 January
Window #2 10 January to 17 January 20 January to 28 January

POSB red packet design.

For new notes withdrawals via ATM, DBS/POSB is availing a total of 64 ATMs across 45 locations islandwide (split into 30 pop-up ATMs and 34 existing ATMs converted into new-note ATMs).

Each customer is allowed to withdraw new notes in sums of:

  • S$100 (S$2 x 50pc)
  • S$300 (S$10 x 30pc)
  • S$500 (S$50 x 10pc)
  • S$600 (S$10 x 20pc, plus S$50 x 8pc).

Each customer is limited to three withdrawals in this period.

All 64 machines are operational for 21 days (3 days longer than before) in anticipation of strong demand and prevailing distancing measures. 

Opening hours of these new-note ATMs are:

  • 10 AM to 10 PM between 11 and 30 January 2022
  • 10 AM to 1 PM on 31 January 2022, the eve of the CNY public holiday

To help users plan their withdrawal trips better, DBS has a new-note ATM map locator that provides details of these touchpoints. The locator also provides estimated queue times, and DBS encourages users to check the locator to avoid crowding. We’ve embedded the locator below for your convenience.

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