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Day 5 of The International 2019 confirms OG as one of the finalists

By Kenneth Ang - on 25 Aug 2019, 3:03am

Day 5 of The International 2019 rounds up the competitive brackets

As the final Ancient crumbles to dust and fans’ cheers fill the air, the fifth day of The International 2019 comes to a close. It’s been an exciting tournament so far, and we’ve finally come to the end of both brackets.

All eyes are peeled as the tournament draws ever closer to the Grand Finals and who will take home that US$15 million prize. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Today’s been filled with loads of impressive action too, and there’s much to discuss!

Match 1: Vici Gaming vs. Team Secret

Opening up Day 5 was Vici Gaming against Team Secret, although this seemed to be a pretty one-sided affair for the latter. They managed to score an impressive number of kills relatively early in the game, securing a lead in terms of gold, item progression and kills.

Needless to say, with that truckload of advantages in their corner, Team Secret made quick work of Vici in both Game 1 and 2, netting the entire match in under an hour! This put them through to challenge Team Liquid later that day, in the fight to decide the winner for the lower bracket.

Match 2: PSG.LGD vs. OG

The second match of the day saw PSG.LGD face off against OG. In the first game, the former managed to get off the ground quickly, establishing a sizable lead and putting OG on the back foot. With a lead secured, LGD continued to capitalise on it, taking Game 1 in just over 44 minutes.

However, OG quickly took stock and counterattacked in Game 2, easily securing the win in a mere 22 minutes.

After that, with the win from their previous game boosting their morale, OG attempted to follow up on their momentum in Game 3, but LGD wasn’t going to go easy. Although admirable, the latter’s efforts weren’t enough to deter OG’s intense onslaught, and they finally conceded after a 41-minute game.

Match 3: Team Liquid vs. Team Secret

Day 5’s third match saw Team Secret returning to the fray once again, this time facing off against Team Liquid. Game 1 started off a little bit slower than usual, but TL’s tempo quickly ramped up on the back of w33’s Meepo and Miracle’s Leshrac. Their efforts culminated in a teamfight that left Team Secret devastated and unable to respond effectively, paving the way for TL’s quick 27-minute win.

Game 2 got off the ground a little faster, with both teams scurrying about applying pressure on the map where they could. It was only around the 20th minute that things started to heat up – and Team Liquid capitalised on it.

Mounting an impressive offense, they caught Team Secret off-guard, making a sizable dent in their middle-lane defense. The latter tried to regroup and counter, fighting tooth and nail for map objectives and picks. Unfortunately, their efforts left their opponent relatively unfazed, leading to a 40-minute win for Team Liquid once again.

My word. Team Liquid has had quite the rough journey so far, haven’t they? And amazingly, despite the odds, they’ve come out none the worse for wear. That said, while their technical skill is undeniable, I feel it’s their tenacity that’s been the real MVP for them.

Anyway, they’ll be moving on to face PSG.LGD on Day 6, and their fans are certainly keen to see that unyielding spirit continue to shine through. The winner of that battle will move up to face OG in the Grand Finals, putting them a mere step away from etching their names into Dota 2 history.

That being said, Team Secret and Vici Gaming have certainly fought the good fight too, and we have faith that they’ll bounce back even stronger in future. With that, let’s send them off with a resounding round of applause!

GGWP, everyone!