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D-Link's new EXO routers combine the best of traditional routers with mesh technology

By Kenny Yeo - on 2 Sep 2019, 5:23pm

D-Link's new EXO routers combine the best of traditional routers with mesh technology

D-Link DIR-2660 AC2600 mesh router (Image source: D-Link)

D-Link has just announced a range new mesh networking solutions under their EXO line of routers.

The new products aim to give users the best of both worlds: the functionality and features of traditional routers with the whole-home Wi-Fi coverage and ease of use of mesh networking devices.

The two new routers are the DIR-2660 and DIR-1360. The former is an AC2600-class  (800Mbps + 1733Mbps) router while the latter is an AC1300-class (400Mbps + 867Mbps) router.

Both routers come with a five-year subscription of McAfee Secure Home Platform that monitors traffic and scans for suspicious activity and data.

The two routers also have a host of other features including Parental Controls, remote router management via smartphones, and compatibility with Google Assistant and Alexa.

D-Link DRA-2060 mesh-enabled range extender (Image source: D-Link)

And if you want to expand your Wi-Fi coverage, you can add on one of these mesh-enabled range extender.

Again, there are two models to choose from. The DRA-2060 is an AC2000-class (300Mbps + 1,733Mbps) mesh range extender while the DRA-1360 is an AC1300-class (400Mbps + 867Mbps) mesh range extender.

Both are extremely compact and plug directly into a power socket. They also have Gigabit Ethernet ports and can rely on your LAN network for backhaul communications.

To alleviate the guesswork that comes with positioning mesh networking nodes, the two mesh-enabled range extenders have LED signal strength indicators to let users know if their placement is optimal.


Pricing and availability

D-Link's new range of mesh networking devices are availability now from major retailers and D-Link authorised partners, resellers, and retailers. They can also be purchased on Lazada.

The D-Link EXO DIR-2660 router is priced at S$209 while the D-Link EXO DIR-1360 router is S$129.

As for the mesh-enabled range extenders, the D-Link DRA-2060 is S$99 while the D-Link DRA-1360 is S$89.

D-Link is also running a special promotion now where you can get the DIR-2660 router and DRA-2060 mesh-enabled range extender for S$199, and the DIR-1360 router and DRA-1360 mesh-enabled range extender for S$119. This promotion is only valid at and Challenger and runs from 9 September to 15 September.

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