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Curving screens, transparent OLEDs and more in LG’s future of digital signage

By Alvin Soon - on 8 May 2018, 3:27pm

Curving screens, transparent OLEDs and more in LG’s future of digital signage

LG‘s Connect 2018 Asia trade show gave us a glimpse at the future of digital signage. Here are some highlights that caught our eye and could be coming to a building near you.


The LG OLED Canyon twists and turns

The LG OLED Canyon is an example of what can be done with OLED digital signage. The displays twist and turn in concave and convex configurations, and can come in various shapes and sizes. The displays can follow the contours of an existing space or become a sculptural space in itself.

To get a better sense for this form of use, LG has showcased it best at this year's CES 2018 tech expo in a truly  grand scale, worthy of praise and the stuff of possibilities:-


Transparent OLED fuses visuals with reality

Transparent OLED — like a TV you can see through. The signage is ideal for storefronts, where products can be placed behind the signage and visual effects or information is animated on the display.


Transparent LED turns ordinary glass into a video screen

Transparent LED film is can be attached to glass, which transforms the surface into a digital signage. The film is self-adhesive, which makes installation easier. When the film is turned off, it blends into the glass.


An OLED sandwich

This dual-sided in-glass OLED wallpaper signage has two OLED panels placed back-to-back. They’re then embedded within a frame of tempered glass, and each OLED screen can display different content.

(The video below might give you motion sickness. Sorry about that!)

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