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CS:GO's Operation Shattered Web adds character skins to the game

By Koh Wanzi - on 19 Nov 2019, 12:27pm

CS:GO's Operation Shattered Web adds character skins to the game

Character skins are finally coming to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game has long had an extensive selection of custom weapon skins, some of which have seen their monetary value shoot ludicrously high at times. One particular version of the AWP Dragon Lore sold for over US$61,000 in January 2018, but the skin used to go for around US$2,000, which is also a stupidly high price for an in-game cosmetic.

The character skins aren't quite the same thing, but they're a refreshing change for a game that has seen players limited to generic character models for pretty much its entire history (and all its previous iterations). Operation Shattered Web, which is the game's first operation in a really long time, will allow players to unlock new terrorist and counter-terrorist characters, which they can then equip on any map. 

Image Source: Valve

Players can complete missions and earn stars to unlock the skins, says Valve. There are a total of 22 skins to be unlocked, each with its own rarity descriptor, such as Superior Agent or Exceptional Agent. The highest tier comprises Master Agents, including Lt. Commander Ricksaw, The Elite Mr. Muhlik, and Special Agent Ava. There are four Master Agents, and they're the only ones that have their own unique cheers and voices. You can earn a Master Agent for every 100 stars you get. 

All the new characters also have names and a short blurb attached to them. For instance, Dragomir is supposedly "a man of few words" and "disturbingly patient".

Image Source: Valve

Operation Shattered Web will cost you US$15, more expensive than the previous operations like Hydra and Wildfire. However, Shattered Web will offer quite a bit of new content. Other than the character skins, Shattered Web adds a heap of new cosmetics, including weapon skins (and knives), stickers, and graffiti. The operation introduces four new sets of weapon skin collections, which can be obtained from Shattered Web, Norse, St. Marc, and Canals cases.

There are new maps as well, including Studio, Lunacy, and a community-created Danger Zone map called Jungle. According to Valve, the new maps will be available for regular matchmaking games too.

Finally, players who purchase the Operation Shattered Web Pass will also receive a Shattered Web coin, which can be levelled from Bronze to Diamond and displayed on your CS:GO profile. 

Source: Valve