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Creative’s new Aurvana ANC headphones bring tired travellers audio bliss

By Marcus Wong - on 1 May 2016, 3:17pm

Creative’s new Aurvana ANC headphones bring tired travellers audio bliss

Note: This article was first publshed on 26th April 2016.

Yes, Creative has a new headphone – the Creative Aurvana ANC, and as the name implies, this one is specifically designed to let you enjoy “long hours of music, movies or gaming in comfort” by cancelling out all that surrounding noise.

Simply slide the top away to replace the battery.

What makes this possible is the inclusion of specially designed microphones that dynamically monitor the level of ambient noise and feed this information to the headphones so they can cancel that noise out. The headphones are rated at a noise reduction level of -18dB, so having this feature should cancel out up to 87% of everything that’s going on outside your earcups. A single AAA battery will provide up to 40 hours of noise cancellation, and is easily replaced by way of a slide-away cover. 

Inside, professionally-tuned 40mm Neodymium drivers help deliver balanced audio that is rich and detailed. The headphones also have a frequency response of 20Hz to 20 kHz – perfectly corresponding to the range of human hearing - thus living up to the “Aurvana” name. 

The Aurvana ANCs have an ergonomic design.

Plush leatherette memory foam ear padding gives comfort and adds passive noise cancelling, while the headphones themselves feature an ergonomic over-ear design with a light weight steel headband that’s reminiscent of the Aurvana X-Fi. This time though, the earcups come with a polished chrome finish lined with a tinge of blue for a classy, sophisticated look.

The Creative Aurvana ANC is available now from the Creative online store for S$199.00.

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