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Creative launches the Live! Cam Sync V3 with a 2K resolution and 4X digital zoom

By Glenn Chua - on 22 Jul 2022, 6:48pm

Creative launches the Live! Cam Sync V3 with a 2K resolution and 4X digital zoom

Image source: Creative

A year after the release of its Live! Cam Sync 1080p V2, Creative is updating its line of webcams with the Live! Cam Sync V3. Unlike its two predecessors, though, it lacks the '1080p' suffix, and that's because instead of 1080p, Creative is bumping the Cam Sync's specs to a 2,560 x 1,440 pixels resolution. 

This is thanks to a new sensor on the V3. Replacing the 2MP sensor on the V2 is a new 5MP CMOS sensor that can record in 1440p/30fps as its highest setting. Should you need it, though, the V3 is also capable of recording in lower resolutions, such as 1080p and 720p at 30fps. Similarly, the resolution for image capture is also bumped up to 1440p. 

It does come with a caveat, though; the 2K resolution is only available through third-party applications like OBS (and even then it may not be the default), so if you do decide to purchase the Sync V3, you might have to go through a setup process to get 1440p video if the app supports it.

Other adjustments that come with the change in sensor include a bigger FOV (95° rather than 77°) for a wider shot, as well as a digital zoom of up to 4X (though considering it's only digital you'll have to keep reduced image quality in mind).

The side profile of the Live! Cam Sync V3. (Image source: Creative)

Apart from the improvements to the sensor, other features on the V3 appear to remain unchanged from the V2. This includes the 360° horizontal rotation and 30° vertical tilt, lens cap and tripod mount plate if you choose to have it somewhere rather than on your monitor. The microphones appear to remain unchanged as well, at least on paper, with the V3 using dual omnidirectional MEMS microphone arrays.

Finally, although it's UVC-compliant, meaning that you can plug it into an available USB 2.0 Type-A port without needing drivers, Creative does offer additional software that unlocks more compatible features. They're available through the SmartComms Kit on the Creative app and include features like VoiceDetect, which automatically mutes you if you're not speaking and unmutes you when you are (which is useful if you're working from home and have a noisy background) and NoiseClean-out, which detects and suppresses static noises like fans and vacuum cleaners.The Creative app also allows you to configure some of the V3's settings as well.

It should be noted, though, that while the V3 is compatible with Windows, macOS, chromeOS and even the Xbox One and Series X/S (with Firmware version 10), the app and its features are only available on Windows.

Availability and Pricing

The Creative Live! Cam Sync V3 is available now on Creative's online store here, and is going for S$75, which is surprisingly lower than the V2's original retail price of S$89. If you're looking for a webcam for a lower price and don't need the 2K resolution, Creative is also offering its older V2 at a promotional price of S$49 right now, which, considering the V2's original price, comes close to half off.

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