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Create your own listening room with the new Audeze LCD2 Closed-Back

By Kenny Yeo - on 17 Jul 2018, 9:44am

Create your own listening room with the new Audeze LCD2 Closed-Back

(Image source: Audeze)

Audeze’s LCD collection of headphones are one of the best in the business but almost all of them have open designs- the earcups are not sealed. Now, there is a new closed-back version called the LCD2 Closed-Back.

There are numerous benefits an open-back design. Open-back headphones typically (not always) sound more, for lack of a better word, open. They sound more expansive and natural, largely because there is nothing behind the driver to cause resonances. The flip side, however, is that they leak sound like crazy and everyone around you can hear whatever it is you may be listening to. That makes open-back headphones impossible to enjoy anywhere other than home.

On the other hand, closed-back headphones isolate the listener from the environment and the environment from the listener. Unfortunately, the closed earcups cause nasty resonances, tonal imbalances, and can make the sound more “stuck in your head.” This is the reason why you don’t see many high-end closed-back headphones. They are notoriously tricky to get right.

Up until now, the only other closed-back headphone in the LCD collection is the LCD-XC. It has gorgeous wood earcups and at US$1,799, a price tag to match its beauty. Fortunately, the LCD2 Closed-Back is much more affordable at US$899.

(Image source: Audeze)

Depending on how you look at it, the new LCD2 Closed-Back is either a more affordable version of the LCD-XC or a closed-back version of the earlier LCD2 Classic. Either way, this new headphone gives audiophiles and discerning music lovers more options to enjoy their tunes.

Audeze did not disclose the material used for the earcups. But inside, you will find what is same planar magnetic driver found in the Audeze LCD2 Classic. Like the LCD2 Classic, the LCD2 Closed-Back will come with leather-free earpads filled with memory foam and a spring steel suspension headband.

The Audeze LCD2 Closed-Back will be priced at S$1,299 and will be available from AV One in Singapore in around three weeks' time.

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