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Corning clarifies on the "scratches" seen in test video of the Galaxy Note 7

By Cookie Monster - on 20 Aug 2016, 8:00pm

Corning clarifies on the "scratches" seen in test video of the Galaxy Note 7

As with any launch of a flagship smartphone, JerryRigEverything will do a series of tests to assess the durability of the device which include a scratch test. Days ago, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 was put through the test where it was revealed that "scratches" started to appear with a 3 hardness pick on the Gorilla Glass 5 panel while scratches only appeared on a 5 or 6 hardness pick for the Gorilla Glass 4. Corning stepped in to clarify on the matter:

Jaymin Amin, Corning’s VP of technology - The hardness pick that was used in the video was a 3, that’s considerably softer than the glass material. Oftentimes when you have a softer material like that, and depending on what kind of loads you have used, you tend to see material transfer on the test substrate.

Material transfer on the test substrate is not necessarily a scratch but it can appear to the untrained eye as a pretty visible scratch. We don’t know whether or not that is what is being seen in the video. Certainly in the testing we’ve done internally, we don’t see that issue at all with similar picks on the Mohs hardness scale.

To put it simply, what you might be seeing could just be residue from the hardness pick test. If it's just residue, why wouldn't it be wiped off using a cloth? Corning responded with the following statements:

Jaymin Amin, Corning’s VP of technology - “It can be very, very difficult to remove metallic material transfer from glass. It is very atypical to see in a field return when we look at scratches of glass, that kind of characteristic, but purely visual, perceived damage that is actually a material on top of the surface.”

When queried on the scratch resistance level of the Gorilla Glass 5 in contrast to the Gorilla Glass 4, Corning states that "it should be performing similarly to Gorilla Glass 4".

Source: Android Authority via PhoneArena