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Coolgeek wants you to fund their US$500 speaker/table combo

By Marcus Wong - on 2 May 2019, 5:34pm

Coolgeek wants you to fund their US$500 speaker/table combo

Perhaps following in LG’s lead in incorporating speakers into furniture, Coolgeek has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a “stylish table with surround sound speaker” called the “Soundesk”. It’s made of aircraft quality aluminum CNC machined to a fine finish and topped with an ore grade tempered glass tabletop, making it look somewhat like an oversized BeoSound 1 with a surface mounted on top. 

Coolgeek says the table will feature a “super stable” Bluetooth connection, with a long runtime and a standby time of three months while charging to full in under four hours. It will feature an array of five internal speakers for multi-channel audio, and use what Coolgeek calls DPAC Super Bass technology to provide deep, powerful bass. Meanwhile, a Dynamic Adaptive Amplifier system (DAAT) while serve to maintain accurate sound balance while improving amplifier efficiency.

There’s going to be a stereo pairing option so if you want to have two coffee tables in your living room, you can get true stereo sound. Coolgeek has smartly incorporated a rubber pad under the center of the glass tabletop and added anti-vibration controls in the unit, so your coffee won’t literally be rocked off it when you pump up the volume.

Find out more on the campaign page.

Source: Kickstarter, What Hi-Fi?

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