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Create an open-air or test bench PC with Cooler Master's new MasterFrame 700 chassis

By Rhyn Chan - on 31 May 2021, 9:21pm

Create an open-air or test bench PC with Cooler Master's new MasterFrame 700 chassis

A complete custom-water cooling PC housed in Cooler Master's MasterFrame 700 case.

Most desktop chassis designs are monolithic, tempered-glass towers that come with some RGB elements to differentiate itself from its competitors but Cooler Master’s MasterFrame 700 goes further than that by designing a customisable frame that pulls double-duty as an open-air showcase PC chassis or a flexible test bench.

Designed for enthusiasts in mind, this chassis houses every type of component imaginable; in the open-air frame mode, the main structure which houses all the components like an SSI-EEB-compatible motherboard and water-cooled graphic card is flanked by a pair of metal wings that can fit radiators from 120mm to 360mm on each side. The wings are held on by friction hinges to allow for motion when building in this PC and stability after in it.

Two examples of how to build a PC using Cooler Master's MasterFrame 700 case

The pump and reservoir sit on the right of the case while up to seven 2.5-inch or four 3.5-inch hard drives can be mounted at the back, which is also where the ATX PSU sits. 

When configured in test bench mode, the wings can be folded downwards for more airflow to components. Radiators can still be mounted in these configurations although it can also be a placeholder for other accessories. In addition, the entire case is 100m x 100m VESA-mount compatible, allowing for wall-mounting although it is recommended that the mounting system not go above 14kg.

Fully-built MasterFrame 700 with custom water loops, reservoir on the right.

The MasterFrame 700 is also teardown-friendly; the individual parts can be disassembled and according to Cooler Master, can be customised with “paint jobs, vinyl wrap, and any other modifications the community can think of.” 

And if you’re interested in grabbing this chassis, Cooler Master has made it available for purchase on Shopee for S$289.

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