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The Cooler Master Cosmos C700M is a massive case for the most powerful builds

By Koh Wanzi - on 20 Nov 2018, 4:26pm

The Cooler Master Cosmos C700M is a massive case for the most powerful builds

Cooler Master Cosmos C700M

Cooler Master has announced the local availability of the Cosmos C700M, its massive flagship that’s been designed to house the most powerful components. The Cosmos series has always been reserved for higher-end builds, and the C700M is meant to hog the limelight on your desk.

For starters, it features a curved tempered glass side panel for an expansive view of your build. Of course, this does mean that your cable management needs to be top notch, which is why Cooler Master has included a power supply shroud and cable covers to help you keep the bulk of your cables out of sight.

In addition, there’s a pretty thoughtful cable management system that allows cables to be routed in individual channels and secured by a pivoting fastening clip. There are up to three cable clips, which helps separate individual cables or groups of cables. For instance, this could come in handy if you want to separate your fan cables from your other component cables. This separation also allows you to selectively release certain cables in case you want to upgrade certain components.

To further help you spruce up your build, Cooler Master has included a graphics card bracket and rise cable that will let you mount the card vertically, the better to show it off.

There’s been a focus on flexibility and efficient use of space as well. For example, the cable covers and PSU shroud have mounts for either a liquid cooling reservoir or SSD. The case also has something called an M. Port, which is basically an additional mount that opens up more mounting options for hardware and brackets.

In an interesting, and quite literal, twist, the motherboard tray can also be removed and rotated to support various layouts, including chimney and inverse configurations.

There’s of course extensive support for liquid cooling radiators. There’s space for a 420mm radiator at the top and front, and you can mount up to a 240mm radiator at the bottom as well.

To cap things off, two parallel strips of addressable RGB lighting run from the top panel to the front. This is complemented by ambient ARGB lighting at the bottom for a nice underglow.

The Cosmos C700M is available to buy now at S$599.

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