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Circles.Life & Zero Mobile: Begun the MVNO wars have

By Team HardwareZone - on 24 Apr 2019, 12:11am

Circles.Life & Zero Mobile: Begun the MVNO wars have

Continuing their untraditional marketing moves and messaging, Circles.Life replaced their S$20 for 20GB add-on rider offer for 'unlimted data', and even more recently, they've increased the data for their S$28 Base Plan from 6GB to 20GB/month for all existing and new subscribers. To drive this point across, they poked fun at Singtel and StarHub as seen in the above full-page founders letter they ran on Straits Times and The New Paper on 22nd April.

The very next day, Zero Mobile put up an open letter to Circles.Life, citing concerns with their messaging and viewpoints. We'll let you dig in to the details of their open letter below. Meanwhile, Zero Mobile had their own plan update agenda to shout out in the messaging and it's focused on the 4G data allocation for their Zero X unlimited SIM-only data plans which will now offer 45GB of unthrottled data per billing cycle, up from 30GB previously.

While these MVNOs battle it out, certainly, consumers stand to benefit the most. So who exactly has a better offer with these revised SIM-only, no-contract mobile plans? Why of course, we have the answer!

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