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Circles.Life replaces its 20GB for $20 add-on with Unlimited data for $20 option, but there's a catch

By James Lu - on 14 Feb 2019, 7:41pm

Circles.Life replaces its 20GB for $20 add-on with Unlimited data for $20 option, but there's a catch

Yesterday, Circles.Life announced that it would be ending its popular 20GB for S$20 add-on option. That announcement turned out to be a bit of a prank, however, as the company announced today it is being replaced by a new Unlimited data for S$20 option.

All users currently subscribed to the 20GB for S$20 add-on plan will be automatically upgraded to the new plan, free of charge, and the plan can be turned on or off at any time.

If this deal sounds a bit too good to be true, you probably won't be surprised to find out that there's a catch involved. The plan is not actually truly unlimited, as it has a fair usage policy attached that will throttle your data speeds after you surpass 20GB of data every month. The quota will be refreshed at the start of every month, but if you want to return to 4G speeds before then, you'll have to buy a Boost from Circles' app (1GB for S$6, 2GB for S$10).

Essentially, you can think of the new top-up option as the same as the old 20GB for $20 top-up option, but without any excess data charges should you exceed your 20GB cap (previously, if you exceeded your cap, you would be auto-billed for a Boost).

Circles.Life did say that the throttled speeds are still good enough for app usage and surfing the internet and that your connection will never be cut off entirely, but you can probably forget about streaming every episode of your favorite show in Full HD.

Do note that you're not just paying S$20 per month for 'unlimited data', but it's an optional rider to the existing S$28 base plan. Just like before, you're still paying S$48 in total for this big data plan.

Source: Circles.Life

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