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Circles.Life rolls out eSIM subscription data roaming plans starting at S$10 a month

By Liu Hongzuo - on 1 Nov 2022, 4:05pm

Circles.Life rolls out eSIM subscription roaming plans starting at S$10 a month

We're assuming Circles.Life's GTFO means "Get To Fly Out".

With air travel for business and leisure now open to the general public, telcos and MVNOs are stepping up their data roaming plans to better cater to increased overseas needs.

Circles.Life today (1 November 2022) launched Jetpac – its “one-stop travel subscription product”, which are essentially eSIM data roaming plans with travelling perks that make the journey more convenient and enjoyable for travellers.

Circles.Life's Jetpac data roaming plans in a nutshell.

Data from Jetpac consists of global roaming data – which means that there’s no need to switch between SIM cards when roaming within these 50 countries supported by the plan. It’s an eSIM data plan, which means getting a digital version of a SIM card, and management of said eSIM (like subscription and topping up of data) is done via the Circles.Life app (iOS, Android). 

Perks of Jetpac include stackable monthly hotel credits that can be exchanged into hotel vouchers, free group lounge access to cover flight delays, and data rollover. Since Jetpac is an eSIM data roaming service, it sits on top of your existing mobile plan, and therefore can be subscribed by anyone, without needing to be an existing Circles.Life user.

Two plans are available: Jetpac Pro and Jetpac Lite.

There are two Jetpac data roaming plans available: Jetpac Lite (S$10/month) and Jetpac Pro (S$20/month). Subscribers to the plans get the following allotment:

Jetpac Lite (S$10 a month)

  • 3GB global roaming data, with data rollover up to 6GB if unused
  • Unlimited access to 1,100+ lounges for up to two travellers, in the event of a flight delay

Jetpac Pro (S$20 a month)

  • 5GB global roaming data (but 20GB for the first month), with data rollover up to 10GB if unused
  • Unlimited access to 1,100+ lounges for up to six travellers, in the event of a flight delay
  • S$20 hotel credits every month that are stackable up to a cap of up to S$240 a year, applicable for 500,000+ hotels worldwide

Besides the two main Jetpac plans above, there is actually a third plan that bundles travel insurance. You can already see this S$30 Insure Pac plan in the CL app. At the time of writing, it's available as a pre-order, with plans to go live in the next few days.

Here are more details about the Jetpac roaming plans.

  • Plans are based on 4G networks (therefore 4G speeds) in supported countries
  • The plan requires an eSIM-compatible device; the list (by CL) can be found here
  • The airport lounge access opens up for flight delays of 60 minutes or longer 
  • There’s no extra cost to using those lounges; just show your Circles app with the Jetpac subscription
  • The hotel credits are automatically added to your plan’s account every month. Users will need to convert them into Expedia hotel credits before using
  • Plans are available to all Singapore residents 
  • Plans are independent of your existing local telco/MVNO subscription; non-CL subscribers can purchase and use Jetpac
  • Data rollover is up to two months
  • If you run out of data, you can add more by navigating to the CL app and topping up your allotment
  • Unsubscribing will result in a loss of accumulated rollover data and hotel voucher stacks

You can head over to the Circles.Life app on your smartphone, or visit their official website for more information about Jetpac data roaming plans.

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