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Circles.Life lets customers rollover their unused data to the next month

By Ken Wong - on 12 Mar 2020, 8:56am

Circles.Life lets customers roll over their unused data to the next month

Note: This article initially mentioned up to 500GB of rollover data is possible, but it has been corrected to clarify only 300GB rollover is allowed.

Circles.Life customers on the telco's Unlimited data plan have another reason to smile.

Having just been upgraded to 100GB of data at full 4G speeds on the Unlimited data plan, these customers are now able to roll over the unused portion of their data to the following month(s). In terms of utilizing the rolled-over data, Circles.Life will allow you to use up to 300GB at full 4G speeds within any particular month at no extra cost.

Starting as a S$20 data add-on for 20GB when the telco first launched, the data plan became 'unlimited' in 2019. Customers on this plan could use up to 20GB of data at full 4G speeds, thereafter, they were managed as per fair usage policy. The full-speed data cap increased to 40GB and more recently, up to 100GB before throttled speeds apply. With so much data, the plan is now finally fulfilling its Unlimted branding namesake.

According to the telco, the new rollover data feature will be rolled out to Unlimited data plan subscribers in batches starting from April 1 2020.


Looking at customer wants

According to Anupam Mathur, Head of Singapore Growth at Circles.Life, said that while Singapore is a saturated market in terms of telco penetration, it is still under-served in terms of quality of service. “We see it as our responsibility to ensure more and more customers experience our high-quality experience,” he said.

Mathur added that while the telco was happy to grow with new customers through word of mouth and as referrals from customers, they are also equally passionate about keeping existing customers happy. “Innovation plays a big role, and getting deeper insight into what your customer needs is crucial if you want your existing users to stay happy,”

Mathur said, “We firmly believe in delighting customers through experiences, from a simple upgrade on the UX design to usher in Chinese New Year, or even upgrading everyone on the base plan to 20GB, these moments of delight makes a customer want to stay because they are constantly rewarded and given a great overall experience no matter how long they've been a customer.”


Is there a difference between good customer experience and good customer service?

According to Mathur, good customer experience is the end-to-end process, and it does not have to be from a Customer Happiness Expert (a Circles.Life internal term). A good customer experience can start from the moment they engage our service, order a SIM card and all the way to the point they port-in. Even then, they continue to enjoy a good customer experience through our app while customer service can be defined in the way a customer happiness expert interacts with a customer with a genuine intention to help.

Mathur added that customers have been asking about 5G and believes it will be an exciting enhancement to what Circles.Life is already offering and what can be further done to tailor these for customers.


A crowded MVNO space?

Earlier this year the telco launched its new Wanderlust Plan, a travel plan that gave subscribers 3GB of data that could be used in a combination of up to 15 countries. This, Mathur said, came from customers who wanted better roaming options.

However, the MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) market is getting busier with M1 announcing a new partnership with Geenet Pte Ltd. However, Geenet is the first MVNO in Singapore to offer both Wi-Fi and mobile services specifically for dormitory residents; it's not yet known if they've plans to branch out to other customer groups.

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