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Check out Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's newest playable character!

By Kenneth Ang - on 29 Jul 2019, 1:10pm

Check out Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's newest playable character!

Image Credit: Nintendo

To gamers in the know, it should be apparent that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is no stranger to downloadable content.

In fact, I daresay the game runs on it. However, constantly adding new paid content – and keeping players happy – is not an easy tightrope to tread. But Smash Bros. Ultimate has been rather successful thus far, so it’s no surprise the numbers continue to roll in.

Anyway, we’re here to tell you that Nintendo will be showcasing yet another DLC character tomorrow, July 30th at 6am PT (9pm SGT)!

This time it’s Hero from the Dragon Quest series, and game director Masahiro Sakurai will be taking him for a spin live in front of the camera. Here’s a tweet Nintendo Versus uploaded, featuring the aptly phrased “A Hero Draws Near!” tagline.

Of course, while the new character remains the main attraction, the presentation might also cover further details, release dates and news for the competitive metagame, which is great. After all, that’s a big part of the reason Smash Bros. Ultimate remains as popular as it is – the meta is never really stale.

Speaking of which, there was also a recent fiasco over the strategy known as “ledge camping”, which involves a player clinging to a ledge and baiting the opponent to walk over, after which the former would initiate his or her combos.

It’s quite the “cheesy” tactic, and that story certainly deserves its own space. But for now, we’re more interested in seeing what Hero can do!

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