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Changi Recommends upgrades ChangiWiFi rental travel routers, celebrates with new promo codes

By Liu Hongzuo - on 7 Jun 2022, 6:02pm

Changi Recommends upgrades ChangiWiFi rental travel routers, celebrates with new promo codes

ChangiWiFi R10 rental Wi-Fi router for travel. Credit: Changi Recommends.

Frequent travellers would be familiar with Changi Recommends’ ChangiWiFi rental travel routers, allowing outbound travellers to rent a portable Wi-Fi router for overseas use.

In one of its latest updates, Changi Recommends said that the team has upgraded the rental routers. The new device is called the ChangiWiFi R10 travel router.

It boasts a lightweight build of 175g, and massively improved battery uptimes. In its official statement, Changi Recommends said that the R10 only needs three hours for a full charge, can idle for up to 60 hours, and be used continuously for 30 hours. 

The refreshed battery requires only half the old version’s charging time, and it has double the standby hours.

The R10 can connect to up to six devices at the same time, with LTE speeds of up to 150Mbps downlink and 50Mbps uplink.

To celebrate, ChangiWifi by Changi recommends has new promo codes for Wi-Fi router rental to specific destinations.

ChangiWiFi Promo Codes for R10 rental Wi-fi Router (valid until 31 December 2022)
Promo Code Destination(s) Price Conditions if any
HOORAY370 South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam S$3.70 per day Minimum 5 days
HOORAYFOC1 Malaysia, Indonesia S$4.50 per day 1st day free. Minimum 8 days
HOORAY750 Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, The Philippines S$7.50 per day N/A
VTLFOC1 Europe and The U.K., The U.S.A S$8.50 per day Minimum 3 days
HOORAY1130 Middle East, Fiji, Maldives S$11.30 per day N/A

Travellers can enter the promo codes during the rental reservation process here. Do note that the promo codes are valid until 31 December 2022.

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