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Samsung has deleted the bezels from its Q950TS QLED 8K TV

By Ng Chong Seng - on 8 Jan 2020, 2:02pm

Samsung has deleted the bezels from its Q950TS QLED 8K TV

First published on Jan 6, 2020 (SGT).

Samsung may be working hard to expand the MicroLED TV market with new consumer models, but that’s not to say that the Korean TV manufacturer is taking its eyes off its existing QLED range. In 2020, Samsung is pulling out all the stops to spur demand for its 8K TVs.

To be more specific, Samsung is updating its QLED 8K TV lineup with two new series: Q950TS and Q800T. The Q950TS, available in 65-, 75- and 85-inch screen sizes, is the direct successor to last year’s Q900R, which means it offers the best picture and sound quality and the swankiest design Samsung’s display group can come up with.

On the other hand, the Q800T, which is available in 55-, 65-, 75- and 82-inch screen sizes, is an ‘essential’ 8K TV series that drops a few features that are on the flagship (e.g., One Invisible Connection) to achieve a lower price point to drive mainstream adoption.

Now, while there are several things changed under the hood of the QLED 8K TVs, most of the hot takes you see today from the tech press (including this one) will be about the lack of bezels on the flagship Q950TS.

Yes, TV makers have been touting bezel-less TVs for years now, but if you’ve looked closely enough, none of today’s TVs is truly bezel-free. The cover glass may go edge to edge, but there’s always a black border around the active area.

The upcoming Q950TS makes the best case, though: with just a hint of a rim around it (mostly along the bottom), the Infinity Screen on the Q950TS takes up an impressive 99% of the TV’s face. Really, when this 14.9mm-thin TV is mounted on the wall with Samsung’s own No Gap Wall Mount (okay, there’s a 0.5mm gap), it looks as dramatic as LG’s W series ‘wallpaper’ OLED TV.

The completely flat back is impressive, too, considering that this is a full-array local dimming TV.

The holes on the metal sides of the Q950TS are the speaker holes. And as you can see, the bezel isn't completely gone, but it's super-thin (about 2mm).

Those circles you see at the back? That's where the subwoofers are located.

All that said, TVs have bezels for a reason. For one, they act as structural support but driver electronics and their connections may also be housed there. To achieve the Q950TS’ zero bezel feat, Samsung has essentially fused the panel more closely with the main chassis. Durability is naturally my first concern, but a Samsung engineer assured me that the design has gone through (and passed) rigorous testings.

Local availability and pricing details for this outrageous all-screen Q950TS QLED 8K TV are unknown at the moment — I’ll update this page when I hear more.

(Note: There's also a Q900TS but that's only available in the U.S. This model has the Infinity Screen, goes up to 98 inches, but drops the One Invisible Connection.)

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