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Gear up for the Year of the Ox with the G-Shock Red & Gold Collection

By Kenny Yeo - on 20 Jan 2021, 1:38pm

Gear up for the Year of the Ox with the G-Shock Red & Gold Collection

Note: This article was first published on 15 Jan 2021 and it's republished because the watch goes on sale today.

The G-Shock Red & Gold collection for Chinese New Year 2021. (Image source: Casio)

G-Shock's new Red & Gold collection consists of two watches that celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year.

The two watches are the GM-5600CX-4DR and the GM-6900CX-4. They are based on the GM-5600 and GM-6900 respectively so they feature stainless steel bezels that have been forged, cut, polished. What's distinctive about them is that their bezels have been given gold ion-plated coatings. 

G-Shock GM-5600CX-4DR (Image source: Casio)

To complete the look, they have red dials and matching red resin straps. The GM-6900CX-4 is arguably the flashier of the two as it features a glossy red strap. The GM-5600CX-4DR's strap has a matte texture. They also feature casebacks that have been engraved with a symbol of the Ox. 

G-Shock GM-6900CX-4DR (Image source: Casio)

And since they are Chinese New Year specials, they come in special red boxes and tin cases. 

The G-Shock Red & Gold Collection GM-5600CX-4DR and GM-6900CX-4 will go on sale on 20 Jan 2021 and are priced at S$368 and S$388 respectively.

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