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Here are the watches Casio is releasing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the G-Shock 6900 series

By Kenny Yeo - on 22 Feb 2020, 9:48am

Here are the watches Casio is releasing to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the G-Shock 6900 series

Note: This article was first published on 10 Feb 2020.

The new G-Shock GM-6900 (Image source: Casio)

2020 marks the 20th anniversary of Casio's popular G-Shock DW-6900 watch. And to celebrate the occasion, the brand is releasing three new models that come with metal bezels.

Metal bezels are becoming a thing with G-Shock watches, following the popularity of the GMW-B5000 series, so it's not surprising at all to see Casio extending the metal treatment to its other models.

The new 6900 series watches with metal bezels are collectively known as the GM-6900. There will be three models.

The GM-6900 features a silver bezel, the GM-6900G comes with a gold bezel, and finally, the GM-6900B comes with a black bezel.

Closeup of the GM-6900G. (Image source: Casio)

The watches come with G-Shock's hallmark features. They are water-resistant to 200 metres, have a shock-resistant construction, alarm, and stopwatch functions.

Unfortunately, since the 6900 series is one of the more basic G-Shock models, these watches don't come with Tough Solar. Nevertheless, the battery inside is said to be good for up to two years of operation.

The GM-6900 series will be available from 12 February 2020.

The GM-6900 (silver) is S$269, the GM-6900B (red) is $299, and the GM-6900G is S$309.

The DW-6900SP watches. (Image source: Casio).

Aside from the GM-6900, Casio is also releasing two new special commemorative models called the DW-6900SP.

These will feature translucent resin for the case and band – "jelly" as it is sometimes referred to in the G-Shock community – and will have special dials that have colour gradations. The digital display will also have a "25" monogram.

These two watches – the DW-6900SP-1(black) and DW-6900SP-7 (white) – will be available at the end of February 2020 and will be priced at S$179.

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