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G-Shock celebrates its 40th anniversary with three models featuring "recrystallized" stainless steel cases

By Kenny Yeo - on 2 Jun 2023, 11:02am

G-Shock celebrates its 40th anniversary with three models featuring "recrystallized" stainless steel cases

Note: This article was first published on 5 May 2023.

The G-Shock Recrystallized series. (Image source: Casio)

2023 marks 40 years of G-Shock and to celebrate the occasion, Casio is introducing its new Recrystallized Series that consists of three very distinctive-looking watches with specially treated stainless steel cases.

So what's Recrystallized? It refers to the special deep-layer hardening process that's been developed for these watches.

The GMW-B5000-PG-9 (gold) and GMW-B5000PS-1 (silver). (Image source: Casio)

Casio is coy on details but said the case is "heat-treated and recrystallized" to create a final material that is three times harder than ordinary stainless steel and the resulting textured look. The grained texture is said to be unique to each watch.

Headlining the series are the GMW-B5000-PG-9 in gold and GMW-B5000PS-1 in silver. These feature gold and silver recrystallized cases respectively and you can see clearly from the photo above their deeply textured cases. The recrystallization process is applied to their stainless steel bracelets too. 

The caseback features DLC coating and a special 40th anniversary logo designed by Eric Haze. (Image source: Casio)

Another notable feature is the "Since 1983" phrase on the lower left side of the dial. This special marking has appeared on past anniversary watches and has become a sought-after design element in G-Shock watches.

And since these watches are based on the full-metal GMW-B5000 watches, which means they feature technologies like Tough Solar, Multiband 6, and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Casio G-Shock DW-5040PG-1 (Image source: Casio)

For purists, there's the DW-5040PG-1 because it's clearly modelled after the very first G-Shock, the DW-5000C from 1983.

However, unlike the above two watches, this watch doesn't have a recrystallized stainless steel case or bracelet. Instead, the recrystallization process is limited only to its caseback, buckle, and strap keeper.

What it does have, however, is the very special words "Project Team Tough" on its dial. This is in reference to the team that worked on the first G-Shock. Engraved on the buckle are four stars, which represent four decades of G-Shock.


Pricing and availability

The G-Shock Recrystallized Series will go on sale on 12 May 2023.

The GMW-B5000-PG-9 in gold and GMW-B5000PS-1 in silver are priced at S$1,249 each, while the DW-5040PG-1 is S$449.

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