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Casio unveils five new G-Shock Digital Camouflage series watches

By Kenny Yeo - on 9 Jun 2020, 10:08am

Casio unveils five new G-Shock Digital Camouflage series watches

The G-Shock "Digital Camouflage" series. (Image source: Casio)

Digital camouflage motifs are all the rage in the world of fashion and Casio and just announced five new watches in their new Digital Camouflage series.

What ties these five watches together is their pixelated digital camouflage motif and fluorescent yellow accents.

These are the five models (clockwise beginning from left most):

  • G-Shock GA-700DC-1A – Extra-large analog-digital model with 5-year battery life
  • G-Shock GA-140DC-1A – Large analog-digital model with 2-year battery life
  • G-Shock GA-800DC-1A – Mid-size analog-digital model with 3-year battery life
  • G-Shock GW-B5600DC-1 – Mid-size square G-Shock with Tough Solar and Bluetooth
  • G-Shock AWR-M100SDC-1A – Mid-size analog-digital model with Tough Solar

My pick of the lot would be the GW-B5600DC-1 because I love square G-Shocks and this particular model with Tough Solar and Bluetooth mobile link makes it an extremely practical watch.

Tough Solar means it will probably not need a battery change in the next decade and Bluetooth mobile link ensures it will always be synced with a reference atomic time for accurate timekeeping.

The five watches will be available from 12 June 2020 and prices are as follows:

  • G-Shock GA-700DC-1A – S$169
  • G-Shock GA-140DC-1A – S$169
  • G-Shock GA-800DC-1A – S$169
  • G-Shock GW-B5600DC-1 – S$189
  • G-Shock AWR-M100SDC-1A – S$219
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