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Resident Evil Village will be available for Apple iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max this Oct 30

By The Count - on 28 Sep 2023, 10:03pm

Resident Evil Village will be available for Apple's iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max this Oct 30

Resident Evil Village. IMAGE: CAPCOM

Capcom took to the stage at the recent Tokyo Game Show 2023 to announce that its survival horror titans, Resident Evil Village and its Winters' Expansion, are set to invade Apple's mobile ecosystem later this year. Already available on Mac, these two entries will extend their nightmarish realms to iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, and iPads with the M1 chip or later. The release date has been slated for October 30. But that's not the only treat Capcom has in store for fans of the franchise.

The game maker also revealed that Resident Evil 4, along with its Separate Ways DLC, will make its way onto the iPhone, iPad, and Mac platforms later in the year. While a specific date wasn't disclosed, the company did confirm that both Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 4 would soon be available for pre-order on the App Store.

Resident Evil 4. IMAGE: CAPCOM

Capcom is adopting an interesting approach to pricing and accessibility. Rather than a traditional upfront purchase, both games will be initially available for free download. Yes, you read that right: players can get a taste of the high-end gameplay and impeccable graphics without spending a dime. Capcom will subsequently offer the full games via an in-app purchase. The base game of Resident Evil Village will be priced at US$39.99, with its Winters' Expansion available separately for US$19.99.

It's a move that is likely to attract a wider array of mobile gamers, tempting them with a sample of what the full versions have to offer. And for those who commit to buying Resident Evil Village and its expansion during the initial launch window, Capcom is throwing in a little extra. The Street Wolf Outfit, an additional costume for Rosemary Winters, will be included as a part of the Shadows of Rose story content.

With a history spanning over 25 years, Resident Evil has long been a benchmark for survival horror, pushing the boundaries in narrative complexity, gameplay mechanics, and, of course, graphic intensity. Bringing these storied games to Apple's mobile and Mac devices promises to be more than a mere porting exercise; it signifies Capcom's ambition to tap into a growing demographic of mobile gamers who are craving console-quality experiences on the go.

On the hardware side, it's noteworthy that Capcom chose the latest iPhone models and iPads with M1 chips for these releases. These devices offer more powerful processing capabilities, making them better equipped to handle the graphically intense and high-speed action that the Resident Evil series is known for. With more game developers focusing on harnessing the untapped capabilities of Apple's custom silicon, this announcement could signal a broader trend of high-profile games making their way to Apple platforms.

Though Capcom stayed mum on specific technical details, the heavy lifting to adapt these intricate games for a mobile interface will be no small feat. There are questions around how gameplay mechanics will be adapted for touch-screen controls or whether there will be support for external controllers. Not to mention, Resident Evil games are best experienced with immersive audio and visuals – how much of that can be retained on smaller screens remains to be seen.

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