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Capcom adds E. Honda, Lucia and Poison to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

By Kenneth Ang - on 2 Aug 2019, 6:26pm

Capcom adds E. Honda, Lucia and Poison to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Wow. Just when we thought Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition couldn’t get any better, Capcom tosses another three characters into the mix!

They're all familiar faces though. Yup, on the guest list today are the fan-favourite sumo E. Honda, the butt-kicking police officer Lucia Morgan and the whip-wielding Poison. Counting them, there’s now a total of 38 playable characters in the game’s roster!

That said, the new characters will only arrive on Sunday, 4th August, but we’ve got several things to keep us occupied until then. Take their V-Triggers, for starters.

E.Honda’s V-Trigger turns his trademark sumo headbutt into the devastating Onigawara, while Lucia’s ability, Burning Fight, dramatically boosts her kick-based special moves for a time.

Last but not least, Poison’s V-Trigger features the aptly-named Poison Cocktail, a lethal Molotov-style explosive that shreds through her opponents’ health.

As always, players have two ways to acquire the new characters. There’s the manual way, which involves grinding out the 100,000 Fight Money required for each of them, or they can opt for the fast way and fork out some real dough at an MSRP of S$5.99.

Moving on, these three aren’t the only additions coming to SFV: AE. There’s a new stage on the horizon too, and it features E. Honda’s home turf, the renovated Honda Sento bathhouse. It even has a makeshift dohyou (a traditional sumo wrestling ring)!

On top of that, there’s the new Summer 2019 Character Bundle to check out. It includes not only the above three characters but each of their Battle Costumes and Default Colours (number 3-10) as well. The bundle costs S$14.99, which I think is well-worth the money if you're the collecting type.

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