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Canon Selphy CP1500 makes your selfie prints live longer than you

By Liu Hongzuo - on 12 Jul 2022, 1:50pm

Canon Selphy CP1500 makes your selfie prints live longer than you

Canon Selphy CP1500.

Selfies never go out of style, but the photo print-outs can fade. To address that, Canon launched the Canon Selphy CP1500, acting as the follow-up 2022 version to its Square QX10 and preceding Selphy CP1300.

The updated Selphy CP1500 packs many features to make selfie-printing longer-lasting and vibrant. It uses dye-sublimation techniques (heat transfer to medium) to let printed colours hold longer. The printer itself even comes with built-in automatic correction for adjusting brightness, saturation, contrast, and tones for an ideal finish.

Besides having control over your selfie quality, the Selphy CP1500 also applies a protective overcoat at the end of its printing process. This overcoat mitigates water, dirt, colour fading, and fingerprints from affecting your precious memory. Canon Singapore said that it could keep the integrity of your selfie for up to 100 years, if it’s stored in a photo album.

Users can also customise their selfies before printing by using the Selphy Photo Layout 3.0 app to add frames, cascading flowers, and a gamut of patterns to make your selfies extra special.

Finally, the CP1500 can print a special QR code on your selfie to extend the photo’s significance. The QR code can lead to a digital photo album, a video, or even an online map to show where the photo was taken.

To operate it, the Selphy CP1500 requires either a Wi-Fi connection or a USB-C cable to print images directly from their smartphones, cameras, or PCs. The printer also has slots for SD cards and USB thumb drives. If you’re sending images to print wirelessly, you’ll still need the Selphy Photo Layout 3.0 app to control the Selphy CP1500.

The printer can also be set up for parties. It’s capable of connecting to eight mobile devices at one time, and uses QR codes to pair with phones wirelessly.

Postcard-sized prints (approx. 100 x 148mm) take about 41 seconds to print, and card-sized printers (54 x 86mm) require just 23 seconds. In addition, the battery (NB-CP2LI) for the Selphy CP1500 can provide up to 72 postcard-size prints on a single charge, 25% more than its predecessor.

The Canon Selphy CP1500 is officially available from September 2022 onwards, with official pricing for the device and its accessories yet to be determined. Stay tuned for updates.

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