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Canon launches all-in-one handheld to speed entry into condos, offices, and malls

By Ken Wong - on 11 May 2021, 1:16pm

Canon launches all-in-one handheld to speed entry into condos, offices, and malls

HITS is an all-in-one device for speedier TraceTogether processing. Image courtesy of Canon.

Canon is announcing the launch of the mobile Handheld Integrated Temperature System (HITS) so that businesses and security services to facilitate contactless, fast, and easy temperature screening along with safe entry check-in/out.

One of the delays to entry has been the scanning of QR codes for building entry along with a separate temperature scan. In numerous condos, offices, and malls, entry points have had to be consolidated to properly handle the flow of crowds and ensure all are checked in properly.


How it works

What the HITS device looks like. Image courtesy of Canon.

Using HITS, all necessary procedures are done at a single point using a single device.

A built-in infrared thermography feature can detect if a visitor’s or staff’s temperature is within the acceptable range when pointed at a visitor’s forehead or open palm for one to two seconds.

Whether checking on or out, HITS can scan digital and physical NRICs as well as TraceTogether tokens. For visitors using the TraceTogether app, HITS can generate a QR code on its 4-inch display for them to scan and check in.

Visitor and staff details such as their NRIC or staff number, temperature, date, and time of visit are all recorded locally on HITS. For personal data protection compliance concerns, HITS only logs the last four digits of visitors’ identity numbers. Being Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled, HITS works with SIM cards and can transfer visitor/ staff details to a data management system

Weighing just 250g, as a handheld device, it also doesn’t need a power socket nearby and can be carried around to be used at multiple locations, for example, if more are needed at an entrance where a crowd may be gathering.

Currently used by RHB Singapore and Taisei Corporation, the integrated and mobile nature of HITS makes it useful in many settings with Taisei Corporation deploying HITS at two of its construction sites to facilitate efficient check-in and check-out of staff. HITS has also helped RHB Singapore to speed up the check-in and check-out process for customers in all its seven branches across Singapore and has minimised queueing during peak hours.

RHB Bank uses HITS at all its branches. Image courtesy of Canon.

Sean Thng, Unit Head of Properties and Administration at RHB Singapore said:

Canon Singapore’s HITS device speeds up the process and helps minimise delays and waiting time. At our Cecil Street Office, we use it about 50 times daily where staff and visitors check-in and out using their TraceTogether token. It is definitely more efficient. 

This isn’t the first solution we’ve seen for Covid-19 from Canon. They launched a solution called FACTS last year. Malls in Singapore also stepped up efforts while other tech companies went a different route.


Pricing and Availability

HITS is currently available at S$1,000 from Canon Singapore.  Interested customers are encouraged to reach out to them for purchase enquiries.

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