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Canon details EOS R5 and R6’s video recording limits

By Ng Chong Seng - on 16 Jul 2020, 1:36pm

Canon details EOS R5 and R6’s video recording limits

According to DPReview, Canon has officially commented about the overheating concerns some people have for its new EOS R5 and R6 cameras.

In a nutshell, the notice spells out two things the company did to ‘manage the potential for overheating’, including using a magnesium alloy for the body to dissipate heat away from the internals; and an ‘Overheat Control’ function that optimises movie size and frame rate automatically in standby mode to reduce heat buildup.

Canon also says that the cameras don’t have a fan because it wants to keep them compact and lightweight and maintains the integrity of the weather seals.

Additionally, both cameras are able to show estimated recording time based on current mode and camera temperature. DPReview has shared a chart that lists approximate shooting times for various resolutions and frame rates — so have a look if you’re interested. For example, the R5 can record roughly 20 minutes in 8K/30p (full sensor width) or 30 minutes in 4K/60p (also full sensor width).

Also, when the cameras overheat, you must wait for a while before you can record again. Subsequent recordings after an overheating episode are also capped to help keep the camera temperature down.

Source: DPReview.

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