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Campfire Audio drops two fruity pairs of wired IEMs called the Satsuma and Honeydew

By Kenny Yeo - on 28 Jun 2021, 4:07am

Campfire Audio drops two fruity pairs of wired IEMs called the Satsuma and Honeydew

Apple Music supporting lossless audio playback means more people can now enjoy music in its unadulterated form.

However, as I detailed here, a wired connection is a must since Bluetooth streaming doesn’t support lossless audio.

And if you are looking to enjoy lossless music on the go, IEMs (in-ear monitors) are arguably the best solution because of their portability. To that end, Campfire Audio has two new timely arrivals called the Satsuma and Honeydew.

Campfire Audio Satsuma (Image source: Campfire Audio)

At S$299, the Satsuma is the more affordable of two. As befits its name, it features a bright orange shell and stainless steel spouts.

Inside is a single balanced armature driver that sits inside a 3D-printed acoustic chamber that Campfire Audio says “elevates the top-end extension for exceptional detail and air”.

Campfire Audio Honeydew (Image source: Campfire Audio)

The Honeydew is the pricier of two at S$369. It comes in a bright yellow finish and it features stainless steel spouts too.

Inside the Honeydew is a 10mm dynamic driver that has a liquid crystalline polymer diaphragm. It sits inside a 3D-printed acoustic chamber that’s tuned for “a reference level bass response that is fast and detailed”.

Both IEMs come with Campfire Audio’s new silver-plated “Smoky Lite” copper litz cables with beryllium copper MMCX connectors and a handy green carrying case.


Availability and pricing

(Image source: Campfire Audio)

As I mentioned, the Campfire Audio Satsuma is S$299 while the Campfire Audio Honeydew is S$369. They are available for audition and pre-order now from ConnectIT and will be available in retail in the first week of July.

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