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According to a leak, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is getting 38 more maps

By Tim Augustin - on 5 Nov 2019, 3:41pm

According to a leak, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is getting 38 more maps

Christmas has arrived early for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players, in the form of a leak. A leaker recently took to Reddit to show off a whole bunch of new maps coming to the game’s multiplayer modes - and it is a massive list. At the very least, it might help alleviate the game's camping problem

Modern Warfare has a handful of very different multiplayer modes, so it makes sense that so many maps would be introduced over the next year alone. Infinity Ward have to keep each mode alive and fresh by introducing new content to players, and it looks like they have their work cut out for them. Here’s the full list:



  • Cage

  • Cargo 

  • Hook

  • Exclusion Zone

  • Shoot House


6v6 and 10v10

  • Crash

  • Dam

  • Krovnik Farmland

  • Gulag

  • Hospital

  • Layover

  • Lowline

  • Lumber

  • Malyshev

  • Milbase

  • Oasis

  • Port

  • Prison

  • Rivine

  • Shipment

  • Shipment (Day)

  • Shipment (Night)

  • Slums

  • Stadium

  • Sub Base

  • Super

  • Urzikstan

  • Torez

  • Transit

  • TV Station

  • Faridah

  • Rust

  • Takedown

  • Borderline


Ground War



  • Marksman Range

It’s worth noting that this isn’t a leak per se, but a list of names dug up by Reddit user Senescallo via datamining. Hence, many of these map names might just be placeholders for the real thing. These maps might never make it into the game at all (if they get cut), but there’s a high chance that at least a portion of them do. Still, it’s good to see Infinity Ward putting their all into generating new content for their players - at least, until Call of Duty 2020 comes out. 

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