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Bungie's next big update for Destiny 2 is titled 'The Final Shape'

By Captain Grover - on 29 Aug 2023, 10:16pm

Bungie's next big update for Destiny 2 is titled 'The Final Shape'

Destiny 2 players received a substantial update on what's next for the game at Bungie's annual Destiny 2 Showcase event last week. The developers introduced the current season, Season of The Witch, which is set to continue until late November. Simultaneously, anticipation is building for the upcoming major update, The Final Shape, expected to be released on 27 February, 2024.

One of the most intriguing aspects of The Final Shape is the inclusion of a fresh location named The Pale Heart, nestled within the Traveler. The new destination promises to be a trip down memory lane, featuring elements reminiscent of events from the Light and Darkness Saga's history. Notably, it will bring back a version of the original Tower from Destiny. Bungie has highlighted The Pale Heart as the first-ever linear destination in the game, which will continuously evolve as the story progresses.

Players can also look forward to a suite of additions, encompassing both the return of classic weapons from the original Destiny and the introduction of new ones. Some of these innovative weapons include the Rocket Pistol Sidearm and a unique Support Frame Auto Rifle, capable of simultaneously inflicting damage and healing allies. Gameplay is further enriched with the inclusion of three new Super abilities and Aspects tailored for specific Guardian classes.

But it's not all about firepower. Bungie has teased a challenging new adversary class – the Subjugators. These formidable foes possess the ability to harness Stasis and Strand powers, introducing an intricate element of control to gameplay.

Beyond the immediate content of the expansion, Bungie hinted at features to be rolled out over the coming year. Among these is the overhauled Power system designed to foster collaboration among players, regardless of their Power levels. PvP enthusiasts can also anticipate a Vex-themed map titled Multiplex, an innovative Relic-based game mode, and the new Checkmate modifier. Additionally, November 2023 is slated to see the debut of the Fireteam Finder feature, aimed at helping Guardians team up seamlessly.

The showcase was tinged with emotion as Bungie held a moment of silence for Lance Reddick, renowned for voicing Zavala. He passed away earlier this year. Bungie recently confirmed that Keith David would take up the mantle as the new voice of Zavala. Meanwhile, fans were elated with the announcement of Nathan Fillion's return as the voice behind the iconic Hunter Vanguard Cayde-6.

All these revelations highlight a promising future for Destiny 2, blending both nostalgia and innovation in its offerings.

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