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Breitling announces new B55 Connected "connected chonograph"

By Kenny Yeo - on 23 Mar 2015, 10:11am

Breitling announces new B55 Connected "connected chonograph"

Source: Breitling.

The wearable space is arguably the single most exciting category in technology right now, especially since Apple has announced that the Apple Watch will go on sale later next month. Most interestingly, Apple also announced that its 18k gold Apple Watch Edition watches will sell at prices beginning at US$10,000. Not content to just sit back and let Apple have a slice of their pie, luxury watchmakers are fighting back.

One of the first connected luxury watches is from Breitling, a brand synonymous with chronographs and aviation, and the watch in question is called the B55 Connected. However, the B55 Connected is not like most smartwatches. According to Breitling, they did not want to create a watch that would mainly serve as a secondary display to our phones. Instead, the roles are reversed here, with the smartphone serving as a secondary display for the B55 Connected's many functions.

The B55 Connected is powered by thermocompensated Breitling SuperQuartz movement that is accurate to a few seconds every year and features a whole host of functions including a 1/100 chronograph, split-seconds chronograph, mission elapsed timer, chrono flight time log, electronic tachometer, second UTC timezone and many more. The problem, however, is that its display is far too small to display all of these information in a legible way. This is where the smartphones come in.

By connecting to your smartphone and using an accompanying app, users will be able to better utilize the Breitling B55 Connected's dizzy array of functions. They can also use their phones to set and calibrate the watch.

No word yet on availability nor compatibility, though judging from press photo we expect iOS devices to be supported. Also, expect prices to be in the range of around US$8000 and will vary according to your choice of strap.

Source: Breitling

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