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BOE expected to overtake LG as OLED supplier to Apple in 2023

By Cookie Monster - on 20 Nov 2021, 10:43am

BOE expected to overtake LG as OLED supplier to Apple in 2023

LG Display may lose its status as the second biggest OLED supplier to Apple in 2023.

Based on a report by analyst firm UBI Research, TheElec claims that BOE is converting three factories to manufacture flexible OLED panels for Apple. This will expand its OLED panel production capacity from the current 96,000 substrates per month to 144,000 substrates per month by Q4 2022.

For 2022, UBI Research predicts that Samsung Display will supply 150 million OLED panels while LG Display will deliver 70 million units. BOE will supply about 50 million units. UBI Research expects BOE to overtake LG Display in supplying OLED panels to Apple in 2023. Samsung Display will still be the main supplier, but its business may be under threat from BOE if the latter builds up momentum and closes the gap.

BOE has been competing with Samsung and LG to secure more orders from Apple since 2017. ETNews reported in 2017 that BOE proposed a multi-billion dollar deal to Apple which included the building of two massive OLED production lines. UBI Research reported earlier this year that BOE continues to invest in equipment to build display panels for Apple.

Source: TheElec 

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