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You can order the new BMW 7 Series with a massive 31-inch cinema-style 8K screen (Updated)

By Kenny Yeo - on 13 Oct 2022, 10:17am

You can order the new BMW 7 Series with a massive 31-inch cinema-style 8K screen (Updated)

Note: This article was first published on 21 April 2022 and was updated on 13 October 2022 with local availability and pricing details.

The new BMW 7 Series. (Image source: BMW)

BMW has just unveiled its new 7 Series. As you'd expect, it's large, opulent, and extremely high-tech.

I'd leave you to make up your mind about how it looks, but you can't deny that this car has presence. The huge grilles, a trademark of BMW's current design direction, will certainly be a huge talking point.

More importantly, the new 7 Series is built on a all new platform that can accommodate various powertrains. You can have it with either a straight-six or V8, or as a plug-in hybrid, or as a full electric car. The full electric car version is known as the i7.

(Image source: BMW)

The i7 will only come in one variant and it's called the i7 xDrive60. Two electric motors produce up to 544hp, capable of propelling the car from a standstill to 100km/h in under 5 seconds. The battery has a a capacity of 101.7kWh and a claimed WLTP range of up to 625km.

The new 7 Series is colossal. Compared to the old long wheelbase model, this new car is 130mm longer, 48mm wider, and 51mm taller.

The interior is space-age. The dashboard features curved screens and there's metal, leather, and even crystals everywhere you look.

The screen measures 31-inches and is 8K. (Image source: BMW)

However, the highlight has to be the Theater Screen option. Tick that option and you get a massive 31-inch 8K display that folds down from the roof of the car. And as it comes down, the rear windows blinds come up to create a true cinema experience. 

To complement the screen, BMW recommends buyers also opt for the Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound system. This system consists of a whopping 36 speakers and has a power output of 1,965W.


Availability and pricing (Updated on 13 Oct 2022)

(Image source: BMW)

The BMW 7 Series will go on sale in the US and Europe in November later this year with prices starting at US$94,295 (~S$128,273) for the entry-level 740i.

There's no word yet on local availability and pricing, but it's very safe to assume that all of these tech and luxury won't come cheap, especially with the introduction of the new ARF tax for luxury cars.

13 Oct 2022 update: BMW has just announced that the 7 series will be available in Singapore first as the 735i in two trims with prices starting at S$564,888. The i7 will also be available here as the i7 xDrive60 with prices starting at S$612,888

Unfortunately, the dramatic Theater Screen option won't be available as an option just yet. However, there's a chance it would be introduced with later models in the later part of 2023.

BMW 7 series pricing
Model Price (inclusive COE)
BMW 735i Pure Excellence S$564,888
BMW 735i M Sport Pro S$594,888
BMW i7 xDrive60 S$612,888
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