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Blizzard has given Overwatch's cowboy hero a new name: Cole Cassidy

By Tim Augustin - on 26 Oct 2021, 2:06pm

Blizzard has given Overwatch's cowboy hero a new name: Cole Cassidy

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

McCree who?

Overwatch’s revolver-toting cowboy hero Jesse McCree has officially been renamed Cole Cassidy. This change comes after the character’s namesake, a game designer at Blizzard Entertainment named Jesse McCree, was let go after the company’s recent lawsuit. 

Meet Cole Cassidy.

Rides into Overwatch October 26.

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) October 22, 2021

Blizzard announced the name change back in August, saying that, “it’s necessary to change the name of the hero currently known as McCree to something that better represents what Overwatch stands for.” The Overwatch team delayed new content for the game due to this name change as it heavily involved the cowboy hero, but this content still has no planned release date. 

The in-game explanation behind Cole Cassidy’s name change is that the cowboy is finally facing his dark past and letting go of his outlaw name, as the Overwatch team finally begins to reunite in the present day. Cassidy was last seen capturing his old cohorts Ashe and Bob and freeing Echo, all of whom have since become playable heroes. 

Cole Cassidy’s name change will go live in Overwatch later today, on 26 October. This will likely see several voicelines get replaced to reflect the change, but who knows? We could see that new content pop up too. Blizzard is also letting players change their BattleTag names due to this decision. 

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