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Fight enemies with Tempest, making its way to Diablo Immortal on 23 May

By Ezzhan Hakim - on 9 May 2024, 10:18pm

Fight enemies with Tempest, making its way to Diablo Immortal on 23 May

Make waves with the newest class, Tempest. (Image Source: Diablo Immortal)

Tempest, the eighth class in the Diablo Immortal series is making its way into the Sanctuary, starting 23 May. Tempest will have the elements of water and wind enabling you to breeze past the enemies. 

Equipped with daggers and the elements, the Tempest makes their appearance to save a ship that was attacked by enemies and wanders Sanctuary as an exile from the storm-torn, misty cold isle resting north of the western continent beyond Ivgorod. Trained in blade-dancing, wave-walking, and seafaring, check out some of his gameplay skills in the video below.

In terms of skill sets, the Tempest looks to have a mashup of characteristics of the Monk from Diablo 3 and the Blood Knight in Immortal. In the trailer, Blizzard demonstrates the mid-ranged primary attack of the new class, which shoots out waves of water at the enemies. While the skills were not labelled, likely, the Wind Dash as seen in the trailer and the area of effect (AOE) water-based attack are the ultimate skills of the character.

The Tempest class is the latest addition to Diablo Immortal and will be making its way into the Sanctuary, starting 23 May. For more information about Tempest, you can visit the Diablo Immortal website here.

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