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Black Myth: Wukong shows off a new trailer to commemorate the Year of the Ox

By Kenneth Ang - on 10 Feb 2021, 11:08am

Black Myth: Wukong shows off a new trailer to commemorate the Year of the Ox

Image: Game Science (via YouTube)

After a long silence following the release of the game's first trailer several months ago, the Journey to the West-inspired Soulslike title Black Myth: Wukong finally resurfaces in time for the Chinese New Year. The new trailer, which developer Game Science has released in commemoration of the Year of the Ox, shows off a new desert-like level, along with several new enemies and spells. 

The latter half seems particularly interesting - there's one segment where Wukong transforms into an entity resembling a stone giant that can passively ward off ranged attacks, not to mention the one where he splits into three avian-like creatures that can fire off bolts of lightning. Check it out!

Towards the end, we also see a gigantic bull monster come crashing out of a cave, presumably a nod to the Year of the Ox, as the video's title advertises. Although the trailer doesn't show Wukong fighting against this behemoth, and instead ends off with a quote saying "Be strong like a bull.", those who are familiar with the "source material", namely the original Journey to the West story might have a good idea who this boss is. Specifically, he could be the in-game equivalent of the Ox Demon King, who wed Princess Iron Fan and eventually fathered the fire-wielding Red Child. Formerly a drinking buddy of the Monkey King before his 500-year imprisonment, he resurfaces later in the story as one of the group's 81 trials. 

Sure, I could go on and on about the lore, but I'll hold off considering the narrative in Black Myth deviates quite a bit from the original. It looks pretty darn awesome though, so I guess the only bummer is that Game Science is still keeping quiet about the game's release date. However, that's a problem for another day - here's to a prosperous Year of the Ox!

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