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Bitwarden introduces new feature to send text and files securely

By Cookie Monster - on 14 Mar 2021, 10:14am

Bitwarden introduces new feature to send text and files securely

Bitwarden's Send feature.

Password manager Bitwarden just unveiled a new feature for users to send text and files securely. 

Known as Bitwarden Send, every text or file attachment up to 100MB is assigned a randomly generated and secure link which can be shared with anyone even if they do not have a Bitwarden account.

Not only is the data in each Send end-to-end encrypted, it is also designed for epheremal sharing where you can specify a particular lifespan of up to 31 days. There are also options such as Expiration Date, Maximum Access Count and password configuration to restrict access.

Bitwarden users can access the Send feature on the browser and mobile app. Users with free account can only use Send for text while paid users can send text and files.

By adding a secure method of sending text and files, Bitwarden hopes to attract LastPass' users to switch to its platform. From 16 March, LastPass' users on the free tier plan can only access the password manager on one type of device. This has reportedly led to a mass exodus from LastPass.

Source: Bitwarden via The Verge

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